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Share Size Showreel


With the superb Blackmagic URSA G2, multiple Leica vintage cine lenses and industry-standard audio, the Share Size Showreel means three actors can split the cost for three separate scenes. 

An example of how this would work:

Scene 1: Actor A & Actor B

Scene 2: Actor B & Actor C

Scene 3: Actor A & Actor C

Each actor will receive their scenes separately and tailored for their reel. The result is you will each receive a stunning two-scene showreel and stand to save £70!

For a small fee, our award-winning writing team can write personalised scripts for you.

Professional actors can also be sourced for an additional price. 

This bundle includes editing with Adobe Premiere and grading with DaVinci Resolve, plus enhanced audio mastering with Adobe Audition.

Each scene will last up to one minute long. The result is a professional showreel.

*Note - the price above does not cover travel to and from venues, extra location fees, script or actor prices.



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